SNP EX-MP George Kerevan caught spreading FAKE CATALAN NEWS

SNP EX-MP George Kerevan has been called out for spreading fake news.

Earlier today George Kerevan tweeted: "Carme Chacón, Spain's defence minister: 'First obligation of the State is to defend the freedom of its citizens'. Unless you are Catalan."

snp george kerevan

It turns out that Carme Chacón actually held the defence minister post until 2011 - and she passed away earlier this year. She was also Catalan.

Kerevan obviously didn't check his facts properly. Did he actually research or care what he was posting?

Even after being alerted to having posted incorrect facts Kerevan still hasn't deleted the post. We couldn't find an apology either.

Below are some Twitter replies. You may have to click the "Translate from Spanish" link!

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