SNP Councillor Victoria Harper attacks Tory Alexander Burnett on social media

SNP Councillor, Victoria Harper, could face an inquiry after she attacked Tory Alexander Burnett on social media.

Pupils from Gordon schools took part in a tour of Holyrood. Victoria Harper's son was part of this visiting group.

Tory MP Alexander Burnett took part in a question and answer session at the end of the tour.

In the post, which has since been deleted, Victoria Harper said: “While answering their questions he said that foodbanks are a good thing but are caused by SNP failings.

“When asked about Brexit he said that it is good immigration will be getting sorted out because immigrants ruin our education system as well as contribute to foodbank use.”

The Conservatives vehemently deny Mr Burnett made any such comments.

It is understood that parents have made a complaint to the Standards Commission.

Aberdeenshire’s SNP group leader Richard Thomson has reportedly had the nerve to tell Mr Burnett to focus on his day job.

Richard Thomson reportedly said: “This is an extremely silly and ill-advised attack on councillor Harper from the Conservatives, which is already beginning to fall apart as the facts emerge”.

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