Cllr Ritchie 'tried to climb into my bed'

The Edinburgh News has reported the alleged account of a woman who had to stop SNP Councillor Lewis Ritchiie climbing into her bed -- whilst semi-naked.

The allegation dates back to the SNP Autumn Conference in Glasgow in October 2017.

The story centres on Councillor Ritchie being offered a sofa in a city centre flat because he "was too drunk to make it home".

Why is SNP MP Stewart McDonald trying to play the VICTIM?

SNP MP Stewart McDonald tweeted: "In the space of a few weeks I’ve been called an ‘SNP moron’ by a Tory Baroness and a ‘nationalist separatist numpty’ by a former Labour Minister - neither of whom I’ve ever met or spoken to. I mean, they may not be wrong but tells me I’m maybe getting it just about right".

SNP Councillor Lewis Ritchie

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Rachel Watson of the Scottish Daily Mail reported that SNP Councillor Lewis Ritchie had faced two complaints of sexual harassment just days before he resigned from the party.

Ms Watson reports that Lewis Ritchie resigned from the Nationalist whip this week after claims he was involved in an ‘altercation’ at the party conference last year.

SNP Councillor Lewis Ritchie suspended

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SNP Councillor Lewis Ritchie has been suspended. Lewis Ritchie was Edinburgh Council’s former planning chief.

It is alleged that he has been suspended following some sort of altercation at the SNP conference last year.

SNP MSP Mark McDonald in another sleaze row

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SNP MSP Mark McDonald, 37, is embroiled in yet another sleaze row.

It has been widely reported that a young woman has allegedly claimed that she woke up in MSP Mark McDonald's bed - with no clear memory of how she got there. There is no suggestion of any criminal activity or wrong doing.

Scotland's exports to rest of UK is 61% - £45.8bn

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Figures just released show that Scotland's exports to the rest of the UK account for 61% of its total exports.

Exports to the rest of the UK are £45.8bn. Exports to the EU are only worth £12.7bn (17%) - proving that UK market access if far more valuable to Scotland than the EU is.

Scottish exports to Non-EU countries increased by £565 million (3.4 per cent) to £17.1 billion in 2016.

Jim Logue: 'Derek Mackay is too incompetent to make sure his sums add up'

North Lanarkshire's Labour leader, Jim Logue, has branded SNP Finance Secretary, Derek Mackay, incompetent following an adjustment of council fund allocation.

Reports are suggesting that civil servants made errors in fund calculations for local councils.

Glasgow will reportedly lose up to £5m after the figures have been corrected. Edinburgh, Aberdeen and North Ayrshire will lose up to £3m, £1.6m and £1.4m respectively.

Are the SNP rapidly losing members?

Are the SNP rapidly losing members?

It is being reported that the SNP are thinking of moving away from just a membership model and will introduce a 'registered supporter' model - in a similar fashion used by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

SNP's Stewart Hosie 'to marry mistress' Serena Cowdy

It is being reported that Serena Cowdy, the woman allegedly involved in a love triangle with Stewart Hosie and SNP MP Angus MacNeil, is to marry Hosie after a Christmas proposal.

Serena Cowdy, 36, reportedly had affairs with MacNeil and Hosie - which led to both mens marriages coming to an end. Stewart Hosie was married to Shona Robison.

NHS Lothian in new A&E waiting times scandal

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Reporting guidelines have been breached at the following hospitals in the capital:

•   Royal Infirmary
•   the Royal Hospital for Sick Children
•   Western General’s Acute Receiving and Assessment Unit (ARAU).

This is according to NHS Lothian after a comprehensive internal review.

SNP quit as East Dunbartonshire council administration

The SNP group has dramatically resigned as the administration for East Dunbartonshire council.

The Scottish Conservatives and Lib Dems are suggesting that the Scottish Nationalists have “run away” rather than implement cuts in the council budget next year. The SNP group have been accused of “political cowardice”.

SNP regional growth hub ‘is basically a website’

In November 2017 Keith Brown, the SNPs economy secretary, announced the creation of a centre for regional inclusive growth. The new centre would “support our policy initiatives on regional partnerships, city deals and city region deals”.

Scottish Conservative economy spokesperson, Dean Lockhart, has requested further information from Keith Brown

Scottish Conservatives: Police spent tens of thousands keeping details secret

The Scottish Conservatives are reporting that hard-up Police Scotland has spent tens of thousands of pounds in the last three years on legal costs to prevent information being released to the public.

Since 2015/16, the organisation – which the SNP created with the aim of being more transparent and accountable – spent £77,493 on challenging Freedom of Information requests.

Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland arrested on suspicion of harassment and malicious communications

Today it has been widely reported that Stuart Campbell, 49, of Wings Over Scotland fame has been arrested on "suspicion of harassment and malicious communications". Mr Campbell has been bailed pending further enquiries.

The Wings Over Scotland Twitter account posted a cryptic message before the arrest was made public. The Tweet reads: "For sucky reasons totally outwith my control (don't ask), posts on Wings will be very sparse for an unknown period. Sorry, folks."

EX-SNP MP Michelle Thomson - No prosecution due to the 'absence of sufficient credible and reliable evidence'

Ex-SNP MP Michelle Thomson has been notified that she not face any criminal proceedings. The Crown Office has now concluded that there should be "no criminal proceedings at this time".

The Crown Office said this was due to an "absence of sufficient credible and reliable evidence", with the decision coming after "careful consideration of the facts and circumstances of the case".

SNP Worker, Kirsten Felvus, fined for homophobic abuse of John Marshall

SNP parliamentary worker, Kirsten Felvus, has been fined £400 after admitting she made homophobic Facebook posts about John Marshall.

It is understood that Kirsten Felvus works for MSP Richard Lyle on a part time basis - and that she was not working for him at the time of her outburst.

Reports quote Kirsten Felvus as having accused John Marshall of having sex with former MSP Tommy Sheridan.

SNPs Philippa Whitford fooled by fake Yvette Cooper Tweet

Gullible SNP MP Philippa Whitford has been totally fooled by an old, fake, Yvette Cooper tweet.

A Twitter account in the name of D MacGille-Mhuire ( @Gillemhuire ) tweeted "Lebensraum with the AngloBritNatz" together with a screen grab of a supposed tweet from Yvette Cooper saying: "We as a party need to convince Scotland, that it is still a valuable part of England. This is the only way we will defeat the SNP".

Yvette Cooper never sent this tweet - it is a fake. Philippa Whitford didn't see this and tweeted: "Wow! Freudian slip shows EXACTLY what Labour thinks of Scotland! #NOTpartofEngland".

HMS Queen Elizabeth leaves Rosyth for sea trials

Britain's largest ever warship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, slipped out of Rosyth dockyard to begin sea trials. The 65,000 ton aircraft carrier slipped into open water through an exit with only 14in clearance on either side and 20in of water under the keel.

How many SNP MPs acknowledged the slipping out of HMS Elizabeth ready to begin sea trials?

Ruth Davidson - CAP Payments - culture of secrecy and denial in the SNP government goes right to the top

For the second year in a row the Scottish Government are failing the farming community. Reports indicate that Nicola Sturgeon's government had approached the European Commission asking for an extension to the deadline of 30th June.

This catastrophe has been blamed on a failing £178 million computer system designed to make the payments to Scotland's farmers.

Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson made honorary Colonel of 32 Signals Regiment

Scottish Conservative Leader, Ruth Davidson, is "delighted" to be become an honorary Colonel of 32 Signals Regiment - a regiment she was formerly a member of.

The position is typically carried out by a retired senior military officer or member of the Royal Family but Ruth Davidson will hold the position for the next five years. The role entails being a figurehead for the regiment as well as a counsellor and supporter for its commanding officer and leadership teams.

SNP MP & Westminster Leader Ian Blackford names frontbench team

SNP MP & Westminster Leader, Ian Blackford, has announced the SNP frontbench team.

Spokesperson on Economy

Kirsty Blackman

Spokesperson on International Affairs and Europe

Stephen Gethins

Spokesperson on Social Justice

Neil Gray

Spokesperson on Trade and Investment

Hannah Bardell

Spokesperson on Small Business, Enterprise and Innovation

Marion Fellows

Nurse at centre of SNP foodbank row harassed in restaurant by Scottish Nationalist

The Scottish Nationalist harassment of Nurse Claire Austin continues.

A new video has emerged - posted by Twitter user @Logicsrock showing Nurse Claire Austin being harassed whilst in a restaurant.

Ms Austin hit the headlines in May of this year when she asked Nicola Sturgeon some searching questions during a live TV debate. Ms Austin, a nurse, admitted to having to resort to using foodbanks in order to survive.

The SNP and Nicola Sturgeon humiliated in 2017 General Election

Scottish voters have categorically rejected Nicola Sturgeon's repeated calls for a second Scottish Independence referendum.

The SNP had 56 MPs in Westminster following the 2015 General Election. This was quickly reduced to 54 as both Natalie McGarry and Michelle Thomson resigned the whip amid various police investigations.

The 2017 General Election saw the Scottish National Party reduced to just 35 MPs to sit at Westminster.

Scottish Nationalists: 'If you hate the TORY TRAITORS'

Scottish Nationalists have once again been at their vile best. This time right outside the building where the SNP GE 2017 Manifesto was launched.

These totally vile Scottish Nationalists are chanting: "If you hate the TORY Traitors clap your hands".

Once again, they've been stupid enough to be caught on camera.

SNP Police Scotland VAT issues well known in advance of centralisation

The SNP and their supporters are throwing the Police Scotland VAT grievance about at this moment in time. Many don't seem to know that the Scottish Government were advised that VAT could not be recovered once centralisation had taken place.

On the 1st April 2013 Police Scotland came into force.

Kenny MacAskill continued: "We have not received any formal reasons for your decision but I understand it is on the basis that the SPA and SFRS will be funded by central government."

This proves that Kenny MacAskill knew at least NINE months in advance that the new, centralised, Police Scotland would not be able to recover VAT.

Scottish Nationalist and SNP Member Lorna Taylor harasses Scottish Tories going about their lawful business

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SNP Members have filmed themselves harassing Tory campaigners from a car. The driver appears to be none other than Lorna Taylor.

In this video she tells somebody known as Mary to "Put that window down Mary, put that window right down". The driver appears to be Lorna Taylor - and she appears to be the one holding the phone/camera. All whilst driving and screaming at Tory campaigners going about their lawful business.

Kezia Dugdale writes to nurse at centre of Scottish National Party row

A few days ago the Scottish National Party (SNP) were forced to backtrack and apologise to a nurse following a night of disgraceful and repugnant attacks. The attacks have since continued as SNP supporters attempt to ridicule and discredit Nurse Claire Austin.

Nurse Claire Austin questioned the First Minister during a televised BBC Leaders' Debate. Ms Austin made Nicola Sturgeon admit the nurses had only received one per cent increases since 2008.

A group of Scottish Nationalists show vile side after Manchester atrocity

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been affected by the Manchester Arena atrocity. Our prayers are with you.

A group of vile Scottish Nationalists took to Twitter and facebook today to accuse the UK Government of having a hand in the Manchester Arena terrorist atrocity. Others went as far as to suggest the barbaric act was good news for Theresa May. Here's a selection of the worst.

SNP humiliated following attacks on nurse who questioned Nicola Sturgeon during the Leaders' Debate

The SNP have been forced to backtrack and apologise to a nurse following a night of disgraceful and repugnant attacks.

Nurse Claire Austin questioned the First Minister during a televised BBC Leaders' Debate. Ms Austin made Nicola Sturgeon admit the nurses had only received one per cent increases since 2008.

Ms Austin made her thoughts to Nicola Sturgeon clear: "The NHS - you say that you have ploughed millions into it - I am a nurse who can’t manage on the salary that I have, I have to go to foodbanks. I am struggling to pay bills. I want you to explain to me if you know one area where any of that money has gone? Can you tell me because I can absolutely assure you nurses are seeing none of it on the ground floor."

SNP candidates Stewart House and Chris Law ridiculed at bus stops

SNP candidates Stewart Hosie and Chris Law are being ridiculed by leaflets which are being left around Dundee City centre. Stewart Hosie is standing for re-election in Dundee East and Chris Law is hoping to be re-elected in Dundee West.

Another flyer said to have been left in a Dundee car park has an image of Mr Law, also with tick boxes next to words including “financial irregularities (but not enough evidence for a charge)”.

SNP candidate Paul Monaghan accused of 'misrepresenting' NHS Doctor Alison Brooks

SNP candidate Paul Monaghan is once again under the spotlight. Paul Monaghan has been accused of 'misrepresenting' NHS Doctor Alison Brooks. It is understood that Dr Alison Brooks has sought legal advice after Paul Monaghan's campaign circulated leaflets stating that the Scottish Government is supporting her work as the chair of the Caithness Maternity and Gynaecology Group. The leaflet is titled "Safeguarding our NHS".

SNP Councillor Henry McClelland scores an own goal

Henry McClelland was elected to represent Annandale South in Dumfries and Galloway in the Council elections last week.

It has been alleged that Henry McClelland, chairman of of Annan Athletic, has been betting on 'thousands' of games over the last six years. It is understood that over four hundred bets involved his own club.

SNPs Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh under investigation by Law Society

SNP candidate Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh has confirmed that the Law Society are investigating "administrative matters" in relation to her time as a solicitor. It is believed that Ms Ahmed-Sheikh is still on the roll of solicitors but does not currently hold a practising certificate.

Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh was elected as the MP for Ochil and South Perthshire in 2015 and is the SNPs candidate for the 2017 General Election. Ms Ahmed-Sheikh is a senior member of the SNP, and sits on its ruling National Executive Committee.

Nicola Sturgeon's Govanhill Constituency in Glasgow has a human trafficking problem

A BBC investigation has documented at least seventy sham marriages in Glasgow involving young women from deprived countries such as Romania and Slovakia.

Jim Laird, one of Scotland's leading experts on human trafficking, said: "There's a high number of victims from the Govanhill area, and that's because there's a clear link between Eastern European crime gangs, who have human trafficking as one of the things they do, and links with organised Asian crime gangs in Glasgow.

SNP Youth Communicator Gavin Lundy in 'Union Jack' row

The local elections had barely finished before SNP Youth Communicator, Gavin Lundy, had kicked off a flag row.

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, had tweeted: "Glasgow City Chambers looking stunning this morning as it prepares to open its doors to a new @theSNP administration."

Gavin Lundy then passed it on with his own quote: "No more Union Jacks over City Chambers."

Ex-SNP MP Michelle Thomson is 'not eligible' to stand for SNP selection

Independent MP Michelle Thomson has released a statement confirming that the SNP National Executive Committee have ruled that she cannot stand for selection in the forthcoming General Election.

In the run-up to the SNP's autumn 2016 conference, reports suggested that Michelle Thomson was about to resume the whip after the Westminster group of MPs called for their former colleague to be readmitted. A meeting of the party's National Executive Committee decided that the matter would be "continued for further consideration".

How can Alison Thewliss support vulnerable women when she condones charities refusing to work with the DWP?

SNP MP Alison Thewliss professes to be supporting women who may be affected by the so-called "Rape Clause".

Three of the most prominent rape crisis charities and feminist organisations have said they will not "collude" or "comply" with the so-called "Rape Clause".

How can Alison Thewliss say she supports these vulnerable women when she is supporting and promoting the organisations who are refusing to engage with the DWP?

SNP MP Alison Thewliss and her 'Rape Clause' obsession - the facts

In recent days we've seen Alison Thewliss and the SNP attack the Conservatives and Ruth Davidson in a pack-like manner. The so-called "Rape Clause" is being used by the SNP to get "Tory" and "Rape" into the same sentence. Nobody from the SNP will tell you how many women this "Rape Clause" will affect. We've researched this thoroughly. Read on to find out the full facts.

SNP MP Alison Thewliss and her 'Rape Clause' obsession - the facts

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In recent days we've seen Alison Thewliss and the SNP attack the Conservatives and Ruth Davidson in a pack-like manner. The so-called "Rape Clause" is being used by the SNP to get "Tory" and "Rape" into the same sentence. Nobody from the SNP will tell you how many women this "Rape Clause" will affect. We've research this thoroughly. Read on to find out the full facts.

SNP MPs Hijack New York City Tartan Week with SNP Banners - all on the public purse?

SNP MPs Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, Paul Monaghan, Corri Wilson and Joanna Cherry have jetted off to "Tartan Week" in New York City.

Earlier this week the press reports suggested that the trip has been funded by public money which was handed to opposition parties to carry out their parliamentary duties.

Paul Monaghan, who loves a trip, tweeted: "My colleagues and I bursting with pride leading New York City's fantastic Tartan Day Parade down the Avenue of the Americas today. #NYCTW".

SNP MPs following Wings Over Scotland Twitter Account April 2017

So, the First Minister has sent a letter to Theresa May begging for a second independence referendum.

With this in mind we thought we'd perform a quick check to see if Nicola Sturgeon has had the mindfulness to start getting her house in order.

We were hoping that Ms Sturgeon may have spoken to her 54 + 2 independent MPs and had a wee word or two about following the controversial Wings Over Scotland Twitter account.

SNP Landlord Crisis continues

SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson is under fire for failing to declare a financial interest in a Glasgow flat. Mr Gibson is reported to have failed to declare that he rented out his Glasgow flat whilst he chaired a Holyrood Finance Committee. Ironically the committee was examining a new bill affecting, wait for it, landlords.

UK Government ignore Alison Thewliss and her whinging about the so called 'Rape Clause'

SNP MP Alison Thewliss can now take her emotions from "great frustration" to full grievance mode.

Alison Thewliss has been tirelessly campaigning to scrap a specific clause in the rules for tax credit entitlement. If a mother wishes to claim tax credits for a third, or subsequent child, who was born as a result of a rape she is required to provide some evidence or verification that the rape claim is true. Assessments could possibly be made by health workers, police, social workers or rape charities.

Pathetic SNP MPs sing and whistle 'Ode to Joy' during Brexit voting

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As MPs passed through the division lobbies during Brexit voting anti-everything SNP MPs started whistling and singing Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" in a pathetic attempt to disrupt proceedings.

Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle had to call order to shut the pathetic SNP group up. Video appeared to show a North Ayrshire and Arran MP, Patricia Gibson, conducting the sing song.

SNP 'slash the budget for concessionary travel'

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The SNP are planning to cut the fund which pays for free pensioner bus passes. The costs were £207.8 million this year - but the draft budget recently published shows it is set to drop to £198.3m in 2017/18.

Bus firms are warning that costs may have to be passed on to passengers. if the draft budget is approved bus routes may have to be axed - leaving elderly passengers without vital services.

ScotRail Alliance managing director Phil Verster resigns

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Under pressure Scotrail boss Phil Verster has resigned his position. Phil Verster is moving on to become managing director of the East West rail project between Oxford and Cambridge.

Mr Verster has been facing intense pressure in recent months, mainly due to the rail service's failure to meet targets on punctuality and reliability.

SNP MP Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh: 'I have no outstanding personal tax liability whatsoever with HMRC'

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SNP MP Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh has gone on the offensive rubbishing allegations that HMRC have two cases to be heard which concern her.

Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh has pinned a tweet to her Twitter account making if clear that she has "no outstanding personal tax liability whatsoever with HMRC".

The full tweet says: "Contrary to reports I have no outstanding personal tax liability whatsoever with HMRC, and have received no notification of any court action"

Humza Yousaf caught driving by police without proper insurance cover

In another embarrassing episode for the SNP Transport Minister Humza Yousaf has been caught driving a friend's car without the proper insurance.

After stopping Humza Yousaf on the A835 between Inverness and Ullapool a routine check by police officers highlighted the offence. It appears Humza Yousaf was only permitted to drive his own car under his insurance cover.

Scottish Government & welfare debacle

2017 will see 11 new payments being devolved and put into the care of the Scottish Government. It has since come to light that the Scottish Government doesn't want to take responsibility for these payments until 2020 as they don't have the 'proper systems' in place to administer the payments.

SNP MP Chris Law detained by police

In the same week that saw Ex-SNP MP Natalie McGarry charged with a host of offences SNP MP Chris Law has been detained and questioned by police. It is being reported that MP Chris Law was questioned about the the accounts of the Spirit of Independence organisation, which he founded as a campaign vehicle ahead of the 2014 referendum.