Sturgeon's Bute House has cost taxpayers over £1m in last ten year

The First Minister's residence, Bute House, has cost the taxpayer more than £1million over the last ten years.

Government stats detail the following:

  • Rent over the last 11 years has totalled over £950,000

  • Rent is £7,000 a month

  • The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon and husband Peter Murrell had to leave the residence in October last year because of fears the drawing room ceiling was about to cave in.

    The National Trust for Scotland have reportedly confirmed that the tenancy on Bute House is a “repairing tenancy” - meaning taxpayers have contributed an estimated £105,750 for restorations and in excess of £6,000 for garden and wall maintenance.

    Costs for the current repairs to Bute House are being kept secret - as are the costs of Nicola Sturgeon's current residence. Officials claim the secrecy is down to "security issues".

    Scots Tory chief whip Maurice Golden said:

    “For a government which pretends to shun the trappings and luxuries of power, this is quite the outlay.

    “If the SNP was really committed to running a tight, no-frills ship, it wouldn’t be renting one of Scotland’s most exclusive properties as the First Minister’s digs.”
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