SNP Worker, Kirsten Felvus, fined for homophobic abuse of John Marshall

SNP parliamentary worker, Kirsten Felvus, has been fined £400 after admitting she made homophobic Facebook posts about John Marshall.

It is understood that Kirsten Felvus works for MSP Richard Lyle on a part time basis - and that she was not working for him at the time of her outburst.

Reports quote Kirsten Felvus as having accused John Marshall of having sex with former MSP Tommy Sheridan.

At the the time of the abuse John Marshall was in hospital following life-saving surgery - and not in hospital following one of Tommy's parties as stated by Ms Felvus.

Kirsten Felvus tried to dismiss her claims as "banter" when she was questioned after Mr Marshall complained to police. She admitted the charges at Hamilton Sheriff Court.

Felvus's solicitor attempted to blame a bout of drinking in the wake of her marriage breakdown. Her solicitor, Vincent McGovern, went on to say she was deeply embarrassed and that she isn't homophobic - even though her comments were!

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  1. ra bleather says:

    Her solicitor also claimed in court that this as a 'one of aberration.' I have been to the police about her on line comments. They went to her home and told her not to contact me again. This is a was of life for this vile and vicious woman.

  2. Fred Lester says:

    It is a disgraceful way to behave. This is just the tip of the iceberg too.

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