Why is SNP MP Stewart McDonald trying to play the VICTIM?

  • Alfie Baron
SNP MP Stewart McDonald tweeted: "In the space of a few weeks I’ve been called an ‘SNP moron’ by a Tory Baroness and a ‘nationalist separatist numpty’ by a former Labour Minister - neither of whom I’ve ever met or spoken to. I mean, they may not be wrong but tells me I’m maybe getting it just about right".

Stewart McDonald may not have spoken face to face with Lady Mone - but his claim of "of whom I've ever met or spoken to" is a bit weak. Here's a bunch of tweets he's either sent to or mentioned Lady Mone. This is just a case of Steward McDonald playing the victim.

Lady Mone puts the "SNP MORON' in his place:

Cllr Ritchie 'tried to climb into my bed'
  • Alfie Baron

The Edinburgh News has reported the alleged account of a woman who had to stop SNP Councillor Lewis Ritchiie climbing into her bed -- whilst semi-naked.

The allegation dates back to the SNP Autumn Conference in Glasgow in October 2017.

The story centres on Councillor Ritchie being offered a sofa in a city centre flat because he "was too drunk to make it home".