SNP Joanna Cherry: 'Nice to see post Brexit xenophobia extending to Scots'

  • Alfie Baron
SNP MP Joanna Cherry launched into a scathing attack on the BBC Question Time audience last night.

Tasmina Ahmed Skeikh was given the opportunity to have the last word as the show was closing and started to rant: "You have to let me talk about Scotland David, you have to". This resulted in a few boos from the crowd and small objections from the panel. There were even shouts from the audience about the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum being a "once in a generation" vote.

Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh also had the nerve to shout: "Doing deals behind closed doors is not good for a representative parliamentary democracy". This wasn't the best thing to shout in the week a secretive Chinese deal fell apart!

Joanna Cheery tweeted: "Nice to see post #Brexit xenophobia extending to Scots as @TasminaSheikh booed by #bbcqt audience for daring to mention Scotland".
This followed a tweet condemning trolls when a "smart woman" dares to speak out.
SNP MSP Mark McDonald quits SNP in Sleaze Investigation
  • Alfie Baron

Aberdeen Donside MSP Mark McDonald has quit the Scottish National Party (SNP).

His resignations follows allegations of misconduct against at least two women.

McDonald resigned from the SNP with immediate effect - but will remain as an Independent MSP.