SNPs Glasgow Leader Susan Aitken is urged to 'come out of hiding'

  • Alfie Baron
The Labour party are urging the SNP Leader of Glasgow council to 'come out of hiding' and answer questions regarding the Grenfell-style cladding in use on 57 tall buildings in Glasgow.

Susan Aitken has kept an extremely low profile since officials admitted up to 57 buildings have the same style of cladding as the Grenfell Tower.

The SNP led council are being accused of a "monumental error" and a "cover-up", with residents still waiting to be told which buildings are affected. It is understood that it could be another week before residents are informed.

The council insist there is no risk to residents.

Glasgow Labour MSP Pauline McNeill said: “It should not take urgent questions to get the SNP Government and Glasgow City Council to explain what action they are taking to keep people safe.

“SNP council leader Susan Aitken has so far said nothing to reassure residents, despite having been aware for weeks that this combustible cladding was in use.”

Denise Christie, Scottish regional official for the Fire Brigades Union, was also critical of the council.

Ms Christie said: “It’s quite concerning that this information was known two weeks ago and the fire service have not been informed.

“They need to know where the risks are in their local communities.

“We are quite concerned that the cladding issue was known.

“It was sent to the Scottish ministerial government body and Glasgow council knew about it but their priority wasn’t to inform the residents or the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. How can Glasgow City Council make a determination that these buildings are safe if they provided insufficient evidence?

“Firefighters need to know the risks in their areas. That’s vital for firefighter and community safety.”
SNP MSP Mark McDonald quits SNP in Sleaze Investigation
  • Alfie Baron

Aberdeen Donside MSP Mark McDonald has quit the Scottish National Party (SNP).

His resignations follows allegations of misconduct against at least two women.

McDonald resigned from the SNP with immediate effect - but will remain as an Independent MSP.