SNP Councillor Jordan Linden steps aside 'to fight allegations of sexual harassment'

Another SNP Councillor has allegedly stood aside to try and clear his name.

The Herald is reporting that Jordan Linden has stepped aside in order to fight allegations of sexual harassment in the Scottish Youth Parliament.

it is believed that allegations have been reported to the police.

It is understood that the SYP referred the matter to police, saying it had done so “given the seriousness of these allegations and our belief that this is a targeted campaign against SYP”.

Councillor Jordan Linden said: “I have been cleared of any wrongdoing already; these are false allegations.

“I hope the police will act against those who are spreading lies against me and others.

“I have stepped aside from the SNP until this matter is resolved."

Jordan Linden strongly denies any wrongdoing.

We cannot locate any social media sites for Mr Linden - they seem to have been removed.

An SNP Spokesperson has also been reported as quoting Police Scotland as saying: "there is no named individual currently under investigation.”

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