Pete Wishart: '‘unthinkable' to lose second Scottish independence vote

Pete Wishart has said in an exclusive for the National that it would be ‘unthinkable’ to lose a second independence vote.

Pete Wishart, SNP MP for Perth, even sank as low as referring to Mel Gibson's Braveheart as a "piece of history". He said:

"I KNOW it’s a crudely constructed piece of history more designed for Hollywood than Holyrood but I love Braveheart. My favourite part is when the Scots are assembled at Stirling Bridge itching to get into battle and William ‘Mel’ Wallace instructs them to “hold ... hold ... hold ...” before unleashing the weaponry that would lead to victory."

Wishart wants to hold the next independence vote when it is the "right time" and when "they are certain of victory".

He said:

"It would be unthinkable to lose another indyref and almost reckless to proceed without good evidence it could be won."

Wishart's article even acknowledges that 45 per cent of voters are for independence and 55 per cent are against it.

Wishart also doesn't think that support for independence will rise just by simply calling a further referendum.

On Brexit he rants:

"Then there is Brexit. Scotland didn’t vote for this disaster but it is coming our way and is a potential game changer in the prospects for independence. As Brexit hits incomes and living standards I have no doubt that the Scottish people will start to look with renewed interest at those constitutional lifeboats strapped aboard the doomed HMS Brexit UK."

Wishart still believes the SNP have a mandate to call another independence referendum:

"Then there is the question of the mandate. In this Parliament we do have a mandate to hold another referendum and if we begin to see evidence that the time is right it should be deployed. But we only should hold a referendum when we are certain of winning and not hold one just because we can."

Maybe if Pete Wishart stopped tweeting poisonous rants he'd gain more support for independence?
SNP MSP Mark McDonald quits SNP in Sleaze Investigation
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Aberdeen Donside MSP Mark McDonald has quit the Scottish National Party (SNP).

His resignations follows allegations of misconduct against at least two women.

McDonald resigned from the SNP with immediate effect - but will remain as an Independent MSP.