Madeleine Kearns: I saw the damage the SNP is inflicting on Scottish education

Madeleine Kearns has written a fantastic article for The Spectator explaining that Scotland once had the best schools in the world - until devolution happened.

Ms Kearns explains ten years of failing SNP initiatives, starting with "Curriculum for Excellence".

The system had four aims: to create ‘confident individuals’, ‘successful learners’, ‘responsible citizens’ and ‘effective contributors’. Ms Kearns suggests that most teachers cannot recite these aims - let alone explain what they actually mean!

Devolution turned Scotland's children into guinea pigs.

Ms Kearns' article highlights the fact that four in ten newly qualified teachers in Scotland leave the profession in the first twelve months. She also says that the latest figures show that there are around 700 vacant teaching positions in Scotland.

You can read the full article here.

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