HMS Queen Elizabeth leaves Rosyth for sea trials

  • Alfie Baron
Britain's largest ever warship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, slipped out of Rosyth dockyard to begin sea trials. The 65,000 ton aircraft carrier slipped into open water through an exit with only 14in clearance on either side and 20in of water under the keel.

The milestone sees the first of two aircraft carriers undergoing tests at an estimated cost of £6 billion.

HMS Queen Elizabeth will be put to test in the North Sea and Moray Firth. A frigate or destroyer is expected to shadow the aircraft carrier during the trials.

When arguing for Independence, or in the run up to elections the SNP have made a lot of noise about shipbuilding and how important it is to Rosyth and Scotland. SNP MPs have tweeted their mock outrage concerning the shipbuilding industry:

Chris Stephens: "In Westminster Hall discussing the National Shipbuilding Strategy. Arguing that Type 31 frigates should be built on the Clyde".

Kirsten Oswald: "UKGovts missing National Shipbuilding Strategy pressed by @DougChapmanSNP @BrendanOHaraSNP @ChrisStephens @MartinJDocherty @Steven4Stirling".

Douglas Chapman: "MoD inaction could mean losing skilled shipbuilding workers at Rosyth and on Clyde to Canada. Article by @Torcuil in today's Daily Record".

Drew Hendry: "@ChrisStephens championing Clyde Shipbuilding and, rightly, asserting that it is "the best in the world" at Maritime debate in Westminster".

Chris Stephens wrote to Theresa May before tweeting: "Clyde shipbuilding must be secure, as promised by UK Gov last year. I wrote to PM y'day asking for action on Type 26".

With this in mind - how many SNP MPs acknowledged the slipping out of HMS Elizabeth ready to begin sea trials?

ONE - only Douglas Chapman acknowledged this milestone. All these other MPs who aired previous grievances stayed silent. Chapman congratulated the workers whilst his colleagues remained silent. We couldn't find any mention of HMS Queen Elizabeth by the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.
SNP MSP Mark McDonald quits SNP in Sleaze Investigation
  • Alfie Baron

Aberdeen Donside MSP Mark McDonald has quit the Scottish National Party (SNP).

His resignations follows allegations of misconduct against at least two women.

McDonald resigned from the SNP with immediate effect - but will remain as an Independent MSP.