Fife teacher Mark Wilson launches anonymous website to fight ministers' 'arrogance'

  • Rachel London
Mark Wilson, a secondary school teacher, has launched an anonymous website which allows teachers to raise concerns about life in the classroom. The website aims to counter ministers’ “arrogant” responses to teachers’ criticisms of the education system.

The “Dear Madam President” blog went online this week and contains a selection of anonymous open letters sent to education secretary John Swinney.

The homepage highlights the general frustration with ministers:

The Scottish government have stated and restated their commitment to education as their number one issue. The first minister, Nicola Sturgeon has marked education as her highest priority. ‘Judge me on education‘, she has said it many times.

Why then do Ms Sturgeon, and her Education Minister Mr Swinney, continue to ignore the growing number of voices raised from the teaching profession, begging them to fix the mess Scottish education has become under their tenure?

You can submit your letter here