EX-SNP member Elspeth Maclachlan to stand as Scottish Green Party Candidate

EX-SNP Member Elspeth Maclachlan is now standing for the Scottish Green Party. She is hoping to become a Perth & Kinross Councillor following elections on Thursday November 23rd.

Elspeth Maclachlan resigned from the SNP in March of this year after being put "under pressure" not to stand for re-election.

Ms Maclachlan said: “I resigned from the party in the week prior to the SNP conference making my resignation effective from Friday, March 17.

“I had been under pressure since last November from a fellow councillor to agree not to stand in May.

“I put in a complaint to the party on another matter so had expected to fail the vetting process.”

Ms Maclachlan did not state what her complaint was about.

Fast-forward to today and Elspeth Maclachlan is now standing in the Perth and Kinross by election next month - for the Scottish Green Party.

Ms Maclachlan also has a new crowd-funding page.

To date it has raised a grand total of £25.

Elspeth Maclachlan Ex SNP Now Green Party

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