Dundee: SNP Cuts & hikes in parking charges

The SNP-led administration of Dundee council are proposing a 3% council tax rise from April as well as a hefty rise in parking charges. The SNP hope to raise an extra £300,000 from motorists.

These disgraceful rises are the results of slashing £15m from the Council's budget.

It is feared that this is just the start of Dundee residents being squeezed - cuts over the next two years could top £50m.

Estimates expect the council to face an extra £23m of costs in 2018/19.

Rises are partly due to the following:

  • A commitment of almost £250,000 to support the Dundee to London Stansted air link

  • £2.682m on a new waste contract

  • The loss of more than £2m from contracts it had with the DERL Baldovie waste incinerator

  • Other services and amenities facing the chop are:

  • The closure of bowling greens at Whitfield and South Road Park

  • Halting the collection of garden waste during the winter months to save an estimated £45,000 a year

  • Closing the cash desk within West District Office in Lochee to save £12,000 a year

  • Cut overtime and reduce absences

  • Slash part-time night-time noise service enforcement officer posts

  • Slash 25 posts from back office and support functions to save up to £520,000

  • Council leader John Alexander said:

    “We have to be creative and find a different way of funding services.

    “The situation is better than we thought it would be and we have made savings that protect key areas.”

    Ron Neave, chairman of Fintry Community Council, said he was worried about the impact another steep rise in council tax would have on residents still feeling the pinch of last year’s 2.5% increase.

    Ron Neave said:

    “What’s happened here is that the freeze was left in place for too long and it should have been a gradual increase rather than pushing it up.

    “We’re seeing it elsewhere in the council as well. When we run our gala day each year, the fees go up.

    “I put out my garden bin every time, even during the winter. It isn’t always full, as I don’t have a big garden, but other people do and I feel that if these bins aren’t collected it could lead to flytipping.”

    Peter Menzies, chairman of West End Community Council, said proposals to increase parking fees would lead to a dip in the use of facilities.

    Mr Menzies commented:

    “Until such time that the car parks are fully occupied, what’s the point in raising fees?

    It will only encourage park-and-striders and the council should, if anything, lower the costs.

    “Raising council tax is all well and good, but people need to see some actual reasons for the increase and to see jobs being done right first time.”

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